About The BIO Range

What is BIO?

The Langer Orthotics factory building

Bio orthotics is a new and unique prefabricated orthotic brand from Europe’s leading custom orthotic manufacturer - Langer UK. Since 1980 we have hand crafted state of the art custom made insoles and have been at the forefront of education and innovation within the world wide healthcare market.

Our mission is to allow as many people as possible to enjoy superior foot care to improve their quality of life. This has encouraged us to explore our international opportunities and to-date our innovative biomechanical solutions are available in over 13 countries.

Our latest progression has seen us utilise the knowledge and experience gained from 34 years of custom orthotic manufacturing and develop our comprehensive selection of prefabricated foot orthotics.

Led by our flagship Bio-Advanced devices, our Bio-Range of orthotics have soon become a firm favourite with our customers - developing into the Europe’s best selling range of orthotics. Our Bio-Range of devices offer a cost effective, customisable solution to orthotic therapy for many biomechanical pathologies.

But that's not the end of our progression... Working closely with leading footwear designers and healthcare practitioners, we have developed a stylish range of prefabricated orthotic sandals, branded under our innovative footwear brand Place.