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Summer School Synopsis - 2013


Biomechanics Summer School 2013


After 12 months of anticipation the Langer Biomechanics Summer School 2013 had finally arrived. Once again the event achieved a record number of delegates from a diverse range of professions and countries. Set in the luxurious surrounding of the Hilton Hotel in the heart of Manchester the stage was set for an exciting weekend.

The two days of concentrated lectures and workshops began with the introduction of our 5 internationally renowned speakers:- Benno Nigg, Craig Payne, Chris Nester, Dave Hancock and Robert Isaacs who covered the following subject matter:

  • Impact forces, soft tissue vibrations and muscle tuning.
  • Soft tissue contributions to foot biomechanics – Ultrasound studies of muscle, tendon and plantar pad tissues.
  • Foot orthotics vs changing the running style.
  • Axes and prescriptions, applying theory to practice.
  • Orthotics – What do we know – Where do we go?
  • Final nail in the coffin? What our kinematic studies tell us about the root paradigm.
  • Case study of a Pro Athlete – How biomechanics and treatment work collectively in the elite setting.

The lectures proved to be a real eye opener – Questioning the current beliefs on biomechanics/orthotics and raising new evidence based theories.

After listening to feedback from previous years we decided to include an even more hands on feel to the event. This year included the popular and interactive workshops/lectures presented by Robert Isaacs and the fascinating workshop by Dave Hancock – Looking at assessing a patient from a physiotherapy point of view. Craig Payne also presented an exciting workshop on running form – Giving the delegates an opportunity to change into their gym shorts and have a practical demonstration of the techniques.

This year’s conference also saw the introduction of a live experiment session hosted by Chris Nester which was an excellent opportunity to see state of the art equipment in use and how it may affect clinical examination in years to come.

On the Friday evening there was a free three course Gala dinner. The food and service emulated the exquisite surroundings of the famous Hilton Hotel and gave everybody the opportunity to unwind and discuss the many interesting topics brought up throughout the day.

The feedback from the weekend was excellent and over 25% of delegates have already booked onto the 2014 event. Below are a few comments from the attendees:

  • “I found the weekend very informative and it helped me to question my own practice!”
  • “Dave Hancock was an excellent speaker – He really emphasised the practicality of testing muscles and ROM.”
  • “Robert Isaacs workshops – Very hands on and excellent fun!”
  • “I would highly encourage any colleague who works in this arena to seriously consider booking in for 2014.”

On a final note we would like to thank all of the speakers and delegates who made this event such a huge success!

Next Year’s event will be held on the 20th & 21st of June 2014 and will be titled ‘Biomechanics, Pathomechanics and Foot Orthotic Therapy’. The event already has Mr. Simon Bartold and Mark Gallagher confirmed.... with many more still to come.

For a fourth year running we have held the price of this year’s event at £495 +VAT, however there is an early bird discount of 15% (£74.24) for bookings before January 1st 2014. A £50 deposit is required to secure your place with nothing else to pay until January 2014. For more information contact us on +44(0)845 678 0182 or email

We look forward to seeing you on next years Biomechanics Course (2014)!